** Company admin should make sure that the HBL form is available and linked to the correct process step

1. Shipment partners (shipper/consignee) - will auto populate the printout from the CS shipper and consignee fields in the basic information tab.

2. Notify party - will auto populate based on consignee information.

3. Port of loading/Port of discharge - will auto populate the printout from the SO Master from/Master to.

4. Goods information: for FCL - container number pulled from goods ID.  Marks and numbers, no. of packages, goods description or said to contain are pulled from the "additional" tab in CS goods.

5. Freight payable at: will be populated automatically based on CS incoterms (in basic information tab)

6. Place and date of issue: the date the printout is generated.

7. For release please apply to: pulled automatically from SO destination handling agent.

8. B/L type: to be chosen in the printout itself:

Choose from dropdown list:

9. Place of receipt/Place of delivery: To be manually edited in the printout.

General note:

All fields in the HB/L printout are editable.  It is possible to update fields manually by clicking on the pencil in the relevant HB/L section.  It is also possible to choose data elements from the dropdown list in the edit pop-up.