Freightools developed automation enabling to complete container numbers based on the booking number.

Currently, the service is available for Maersk only.

Here are the parameters that are required in order to auto-populate the container numbers into the CS:

1. System carrier must be Maersk.

2. The SO service type must be "Ocean"

3. SO status is not equal to "archived" or "delivered"

4. The SO was created within the last 3 months.

5. The ETD field must have value

6. MBL number in the SO must have valid Maersk B/L number

7. In the goods tab, all goods ID fields must be empty.

8. Freight unit type must match to each container (for example - if there are 10 containers 40'hc, goods tab must have 10 goods lines with freight unit type 40'hc)