How to edit or create a SELLING INVOICE?


STEP 1: Create or Edit an Invoice

1. Click on NEW INVOICE or click on EDIT  from the list below

2. Select INVOICE TYPE from the dropdown list  *

3. Select BILLING CUSTOMER from the dropdown list  *

4. Select CURRENCY from the dropdown list

5. Select Invoice DATE

6. Select FINANCE CURRENCY from dropdown list

7. Select FINANCE DATE for calculating VAT and Taxes

8. Select PAYMENT TERMS from the dropdown list  *

9. Click on SAVE CHANGES 


STEP 2: Relate Orders to Invoice 

1. Click on ORDERS tab

2. Mark 

3. Choose the orders you want to attach to the invoice by marking their checkboxes.

4. Click SAVE CHANGES to relate the orders

STEP 3: Add "Not Planned Order" to invoice

1. Click on  ADD ORDER

2. Insert the SELLING VALUE of the order   

3. select VAT CODE from the dropdown list  *

4. Click on SAVE


STEP 4: Print the invoice

1. Click on PRINTOUTS & MAILS tab

2. Select the PRINTOUT TEMPLATE from the dropdown list  *

3. click on ADD NEW PRINTOUT

4. Click on VIEW to view and edit the invoice items

5. Click on PDF to save the invoice as PDF file

STEP 5: Send invoice by email

1. Click on PRINTOUTS & MAILS tab

2. Click on NEW MAIL

3. If you wish to load email template, select it FROM TEMPLATES and click on IMPORT

4. Insert the RECIPIENTS of the email

5.  Insert the SUBJECT

6.  Insert the BODY

7.  To attach files, mark the SELECT checkbox next to each file you wish to attach to the email

8. Click on SEND