In the Network Portal app, you can request freight quotation for any services and send it to selected Network Members. 

You can then book your request without leaving the Network app.


Step 1: Select Service

Open the Network Portal app. Make sure you sign in to your Company Account.
In the left side you can find CREATE QUICK RFQ menu:

At the bottom of the RFQ menu, you can expand to all services types, tap  to open

Tap on the service you want to use, from the available Network Services:



Step 2: Select Origin and Destination

In the upper section of the RFQ wizard, choose Country From and Country To:


Slide the Right and Left Sliders to choose your starting and ending point of the shipment:

You can choose to Start From / Arrive To - HOUSE/HUB/MASTER (The sliders positions becomes available according to the service chosen)

If you choose to a MASTER position you will be given a list of ports filtered by Country and Service, 

Search for your origin/destination:


If you choose to a HOUSE or HUB position you will be given a list of fields filtered by Country, 

Insert  your origin/destination:

Step 3: Select Shipment Terms

In the upper section of the RFQ wizard, choose the Paying Customer:

In the lower section select the available Incoterms:



Step 4: Insert Goods Details

You can insert as many goods types as you need using 


Choose Freight Unit Type:



Choose Unit Measurement:



Insert QUANTITYTOTAL WEIGHT (of all quantity combined), TOTAL VOLUME (of all quantity combined)

You can mark each Good item as Un Stackable  Temperature Controlled  IMO Cargo  Request Insurance 



Step 5: Select Partners

In this section, you can choose the Network Member (Partner) you want to send this RFQ to,

You can send it to as many partners as you want by marking the checkboxes next to each partner,

The list is filtered by Service and Countries selected.

You can tap on  to cancel all filters and show all network members to choose from

(You can request RFQ only from companies registered to the Network Portal)


Step 6: Send your RFQ 

Give a Title and write some comments about your RFQ:


You can Upload any files and pictures related to your RFQ:


Select only the part of rate you need:


When You finished tap on 



You can find all RFQs by Partners under OUTGOING MENU 

(you can edit the RFQ as long as you haven't received a price.)