Network Sales Lead

In the Network Portal app, you can post a sales lead for any service and give Network Members the opportunity to secure more business for you. 

Only you can decide which member will have access to your Sales Lead contact information.

To create new sales lead:

Open the Network Portal app. Make sure you sign in to your Company Account.
In the upper menu you can find the SALES LEADS menu: 

Tap on the "NEW SALES LEAD" button to open the form:


Fill the following form fields according to the instructions

Choose Traffic Service (By Air/Sea/Road/Rail) and Incoterms:

Then choose Countries and fill the Address Text Fields:

Select Shipper and Consignee from the drop-down menus:

*If it's your first time creating a "Shipper/Consignee" or you want to add a new one just click on the  button and fill the details: 

Fill all other details related to the sales lead like Comodity, Contact Person Details and any other comments:


You can find all Network Sales Leads by Partners under SALES LEADS 


When another network user is asking to view the sales lead data, you will see it in "Recent Discussions", 

You need to confirm the assignment in order to let the user view the data and contact the person.