In FAST, you can create Sales Proposals for any service or trade type and produce your own branded and fully customized printouts and follow up emails



1. Click on NEW SALE PROPOSAL or click on EDIT  from the list below

2. Select the COUNTRY FROM and TO of the Sales Proposal

3. Select the (S1) SERVICE TYPE you wish to use (Ocean, Air, Road, River, etc...)

4. Select the (S3) PICKUP and (S4) DELIVERY SERVICE you wish to use (FCL/FCL, LCL/LCL, FTL/FTL, AOL/AOD, etc...)

5. Select the INCOTERM for the proposal

6. Select your company's EXECUTION USER to take care of the shipment when the proposal is approved

7. Insert the EXPIRATION date of the offer

8. Select your CUSTOMER from the drop-down list, or create new one using the  button

9. Select if the PAYING CUSTOMER is the SENDER or the RECEIVER.

10. Select the CUSTOMER CONTACT that's in charge of the shipment from the customer end

11. Insert your CUSTOMER REFERENCE so your customer will have easy job finding it on your portal

12. You can choose to insert the SHIPPER and CONSIGNEE at this stage or later after you receive the booking (in the CUSTOMER SHIPMENT)

13. Insert your SALES AGENT involved in the proposal

14. Insert the CARRIER involved in the proposal

Tip: You can EDIT or CREATE partners directly from the drop-down using the  and  buttons



There are 2 types of routings: ADDRESS, and FREIGHT 

ADDRESS - a logical position in the routing (Sea Port, AirPort, Factory, Etc...)

FREIGHT - the journey between two logical addresses


1. Click on LOAD ROUTING to load the route structure according to the service mix chosen in Step 1

2. Click on ROUTING GRAPHICS above the list

3. In the routing graphics section, slide the left and right SLIDERS to deactivate a routing part if needed

4. Select the COUNTRY of each logical routing address

5. Select the ADDRESS from the drop-down list or Insert the ADDRESS TEXT of each logical address

6. Insert the TIME AT ADDRESS if needed

7. You can relate more than one address to each logical address for multi PickUp or Delivery using the  button

     - ADD ADDRESS - add address for multi-pickup and delivery with same equipment (same logical freight)

     - CREATE & ADD ADDRESS - Create NEW PHYSICAL ADDRESS and add it as an address for multi-pickup and delivery with same equipment (same logical freight)

     - CLONE ROUTING - Clone the Pick-Up or Delivery Routings for multi-pickup and delivery using different equipment (clone logical freight as well)


1. Click on ADD GOOD to insert a good item (you can insert as many as you need)

2. Select the FREIGHT UNIT from the drop-down list

3. Mark if it is: S • T • R [S-STACKABLE] • [T-TILTABLE] • [R-ROTATABLE]

4. Select the UNIT MEASUREMENT (kg/cm or lb/inc}

5. Insert the QUANTITY of the goods

6. Insert the UNIT or TOTAL WEIGHT

7. Insert the goods dimensions in L X W X H format or Insert the UNIT VOLUME and the TOTAL VOLUME

8. Use the SPLIT button to split the goods into single items according to the quantity inserted

9. If you have multiple addresses in PickUp or Delivery, use the FROM and TO fields to choose the right address for each item

10. Insert the ID NUMBER

11. Insert the SEAL if needed

12. Insert the goods PO NUMBER for quick search

13. Insert the PACKAGES QTY

14. Mark the INSURANCE check box if needed and insert the GOODS VALUE and CURRENCY

15. Mark the DANGEROUS check box if needed and insert the IMO LABEL

16. Insert other relevant data related to the goods like PAYLOAD and CAPACITY

17. Insert other relevant data that later be shown on the B/L like MARKS AND NUMBERS, KIND OF PACKAGES, SAID TO CONTAIN



1. Click on LOAD ACTIVITIES to load the activity structure related to the service mix chosen

2. You can also select single ACTIVITY from the drop-down list next to each routing and click on ADD ACTIVITY

3.  Each activity contains both selling and buying price structure - Insert the SUPPLIER and CUSTOMER for your activity

4. You can work on Total amounts of the activity by inserting the BUYING/SELLING CURRENCY and BUYING/SELLING VALUE in the activity head

5. You can create detailed price structure for selling and buying by clicking on the little arrow in the activity head and choose BUYING/SELLING CONDITIONS OPTIONS

6. If you wish to add another price detail to the agreement, choose it from the drop-down list and click on ADD CONDITION to the agreement activity

7. to edit a price detail related to the agreement, choose another from the drop-down list under PRICE DETAIL

8. Choose the EVALUATION type from the drop-down list *

9. Insert the CURRENCY and PRICE for each price detail

10. When finished, click on SAVE CHANGES


*Tip: For an explanation about tiers use the following article: