How Can I Post My Own COMPANY NEWS to the news feed?

You can post your company news Privately (only to your company users) or Publicly (Visible to all your network of partners and Portals related to your company)

Use "WRITE QUICK NEWS" to communicate short posts like Available Empty Return or anything on your company schedule,

To create a designed post for important news: 

1. Click on  

2. Click on "SHOW IN PUBLIC PORTAL" checkbox to decide if you want to share the news with all network members or internally to your company users only
3. Write a TITLE, SUBTITLE and BODY text
4. Upload an IMAGE and insert a LINK
5. Insert the PUBLISHER and publishing PLACE
6. Use PUBLISH DATES if you want to postpone the post or limit the availability time "on air"
7. You can remove the checkbox from ALL COUNTRIES to share your post only with partners from SPECIFIC COUNTRIES