This feature gives you the full schedule of the Aircraft and allows you to track the Aircraft in real time.
How it works?
To receive the automated aircraft real time tracking a number of conditions must be met.
The Shipment Orders that are in the status that is any any step before ‘ARCHIVED’ and at the SO stage, and the SO stage must be before than ‘Arrival’, and must have voyage, and flight number must have more then two notes, and the ‘Actual Arrival’ has a value entered.
ONLY Shipping Orders that are before the ‘ARCHIVED’ status receive the live updates
There must be a date in the “Actual arrival/departed” schedule in the Shipping Order page. If there is a date in the Departed field (which was less than today) then the system WILL update the Arrival field, if NOT it won’t!
The schedule dates entered manually must be before “arrival/departure” otherwise the system will not return a result or update the real time tracking.
When the aircraft is airborne = status ‘Departure’. As soon as we get ‘Actual Arrival’ from Airline, the system updates the date and changes the stage to ‘Arrival’.
We change the stage to Departure when we have confirmed Flight, then the dates and times are changing from ‘Actual Departure’ to ‘Actual Arrival’, and update the aircraft position every 20 minutes.
The service works for upto three days from the ‘ETA’ status updated.

In order to receive automatic aircraft position updates the conditions below must be met:

1. The Shipping Orders (SO) must NOT be in status “ARCHIVED”, and MUST be at SO stage.

2. SO stage must be before the ‘Arrival’, and must have voyage.

3. Flight number must have more than two notes, and the ‘Actual Arrival’ must have value.