How to edit or create new EMAIL TEMPLATE?

Add a EMAIL TEMPLATE to your system and allow your users to send emails faster and without mistakes.


2. Click on NEW EMAIL TEMPLATE or click on EDIT  from the list below

3. Choose a NAME for your template

4. Select ENTITY TYPE from the dropdown list (this will permit you to choose this template and relate it to an Entity)

5. Select the LANGUAGE of the email from the dropdown list *

6. Insert the SUBJECT of the email

7. Insert the email BODY

8. Select if you wish that the email template will be available to all your company users or only to you by marking it as PUBLIC

9. If you like to send automatic reminder email to this email mark the REMINDER checkbox

10. If the email template marked as REMINDER, Choose when you wish to send the reminder by insert the number of DAYS and if it After Email or Before Expiration

11. You can attach any file to the email template by using FILES ATTACHMENT

12. When finished, click on SAVE CHANGES