How to edit or create a PARTNER?

1. In the main menu click on MASTER DATA -> PARTNERS MANAGEMENT -> PARTNERS

2. Click on NEW PARTNER or click on EDIT  from the list below

3. Select ROLE from multi-select list (if you don't find any role that matches the partner you can leave it blank)

4. if the role of the partner is Carrier, you should select the type of service in CARRIER TYPES multi-select list

5. Upload the partner's LOGO

6. Insert the partner's NAME

7. Insert the partner's LEGAL ENTITY

8. Insert the partner's VAT/ID/Company Registration Number

9. Insert the partner's CURRENCY

10. Select the COUNTRY of the partner

11. Insert TELephone number

12. Insert the main EMAIL of the partner

13. Insert the CITY

14. Insert the ADDRESS of the partner

15. Insert ZIP CODE

16. If the partner has a CUSTOMER role, mark  filed

17. If your mark the partner as customer you should select the CUSTOMER TYPE from the dropdown list

18. If the partner has a SUPPLIER role, mark   filed

19. If your mark the partner as supplier you should select the SUPPLIER TYPE from the dropdown list

20. Click on SAVE CHANGES 



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